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Carolina Santonja

Paises: España
Idiomas: Español, Inglés

Bullas is a Spanish rural municipality located in the heart of the Northwest of the Region of Murcia, with a population of 11,627 inhabitants (CREM, 2023) across an area of 82 km². Bullas showcases a captivating landscape defined by rugged mountains.
Central to Bullas’s identity is its deep-rooted connection to viticulture, tracing back two thousand years. Today, this cultural heritage is celebrated through the Bullas Wine Route, a journey through time and terroir, showcasing the municipality’s vinicultural diversity. Anchored by the Wine Museum, housed in a 19th-century winery, the route offers a glimpse into the past and present of Bullas’s renowned wines, protected under the Denomination of Origin «Bullas.»
Bullas’s cultural and natural heritage intertwines seamlessly, with nine assets designated as Cultural Interest Assets (BICs), including archaeological sites, monuments, and ethnographic landmarks such as the Roman Villa of Los Cantos, declared an archaeological site of cultural interest, for which a project for the restoration and conservation of the site has been requested, to be financed by the 2% cultural programme of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda of Spain. Additionally, the municipality boasts protected natural areas, including the Geological Interest Site of Salto del Usero, the Community Interest Site of Río Mula and Pliego, and the Special Protection Area for Birds of the Burete, Lavia, and Cambrón mountain ranges.