Fundacio Europace

Paises: España
Idiomas: Español, Inglés

The Fundació Europace is a non-profit organization that aims to combat climate change and improve the health and well-being of people, through the decarbonizing of our housing stock and the promoting of renewable energies.
The foundation specializes in the design and implementation of innovative projects. It has extensive experience in EU Projects (Horizon 2020, EUCF, LIFE) for the deployment of programs to promote the renovation and energy efficiency of buildings and renewable energy.
Actually, we have developed a deep knowledge becoming pioneers in the implementation of one-stop-shop models in Spain that combine technical, administrative and financial assistance and we have collaborated with more than 40 municipalities, regional authorities and key actors, mainly in Spain but also at European level, on the design and deployment of initiatives aligned with our main areas of expertise listed below:
• Decarbonization of buildings and urban regeneration. We provide an innovative and effective solution (DOMUS model) to boost the energy rehabilitation of houses, the service sector and SMEs.
• Citizens energy awareness We lead public awareness programs to spread environmental values and foster a culture of sustainability through energy saving. Through social marketing we organize actions to incorporate eco-sustainable habits among citizens
• Promoting initiatives that empower citizens in the energy transition: We actively involve citizens in the transformation of the energy model through the creation of Local Energy Communities.
• Channelling Funding: We work together with the local governments to attract funding both private and public (regional, national and/or European) to carry out initiatives in the field of urban regeneration and energy transition.
• Digitalization: We develop innovative platforms to facilitate the digitalization of processes while speeding up and improving the interaction between the different actors involved in a building decarbonization process.
• Fighting against Energy poverty: We promote programs to reduce energy poverty and assess the impact that housing renovations has on the health, well-being and energy costs of households