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Humberto Nuno Teixeira

CATIM is a non-profit private institution that resulted from the association of interests of industrial companies and their associates, as well as public bodies. It was created in 1986 and has more than 700 associates, mostly SMEs, supporting annually around 3500 companies. The mission of CATIM is to contribute to the innovation and competitiveness of metalworking industries and related sectors.

The focal points of intervention are Quality (ISO 9001 certified entity), Innovation, Environment and Safety. In this context, CATIM invests permanently in the increase of the technical and scientific capacity, in the technological update of laboratories (accredited according to EN ISO17025 for tests and calibrations) and in adapting to new trends, methodologies, approaches and cutting-edge technologies, promoting the approach to the industry to perceive needs not covered by services available in the market, supporting it in key areas of development, promoting innovation in products and processes.

As a Technological Centre, CATIM is positioned in the profiles Research/Institute and Innovation supplier and can provide several competences. It promotes a diverse set of projects (https://www.projetoscatim.com/), either individually or in co-promotion with other entities in the scientific and technological system and companies, to facilitate the flow of knowledge between these entities and to provide the business community with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve a more competitive position in the market.