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inViable Life Cycle Thinking

Paises: España

inViable Life Cycle Thinking is a creative scientific agency working with innovative organizations, industries and communities to achieve the transition to a circular economy, driven by people & planet-focused design and supported with Life Cycle Thinking. Scientific (critical, data-intensive and experimental) and design (strategic, user-centered) frameworks are the basis of inViable´s work. inViable has supported different organisations in their path toward a cooperative and sustainable future through imagination and resilience, with projects related to sustainability life cycle assessment, data visualization and creation of learning platforms for clients such as the UN Life Cycle Initiative and the European Cultural Foundation.

Our determined commitment to promoting sustainable livelihoods as a priority strategy for territorial sustainability has led us to collaborate with organizations such as the Local Action Group of the Seo Fishing Sector (GALP Sustainable Coast), while also engaging in European projects, like the Horizon-funded project “Moving ForwARd to achieving CLIMATE-resilient and sustainable European regional economic systems” (FARCLIMATE), aimed at implementing transformative solutions for climate resilience.

Entidad: PYME