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Luz Eva Fernández Fernández

Cargo: Técnica de I+D
Nombre Entidad: Universidade de Vigo
Paises: España

The University of Vigo (UVigo) is a public university located in Galicia (Northwest Spain) and organised in three campuses (Vigo, Pontevedra and Ourense). In the last decade, UVigo has placed considerable emphasis on R&D activities by way of numerous internal funded projects, as well as through the creation of recognised research centres and support infrastructures/services. Such strategic investments have significantly increased the scientific output and the capacity to obtain external resources. As a result, UVigo has appeared in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities since 2011. Currently, UVigo has nearly 20.000 students and more than 2.100 researchers in 170 research groups, whose activity has resulted in significant scientific production and knowledge transfer in collaboration with international researchers and the regional and national socio-economic sector. In terms of participation in European programmes, UVigo has been very active with more than 186 projects funded since 2015 (28% of them coordinated) with a return of more than 51 million of euros.