Paises: España

NBSCLIMATE we are a Spanish social enterprise that facilitates the design, evaluation, scale-up and continuous improvement of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) through the IUCN Global Standard for NBS, whose professional certification we hold. Therefore, we maximize the impact of NBS interventions, particularly climate resilience, biodiversity, inclusive socio-economic opportunities, by optimizing scale and scalability, inclusive governance, economic viability, balanced tradeoffs, and adaptive management. Moreover, we bring the social innovation and green entrepreneurship perspective into the NBS space through our incubation program for NBS and Nature-based Enterprises (NBE).
Within this context, for the last 15 years, our team members have participated in several projects at all levels, from local to European and global, with public, private and hybrid funding, always seeking to contribute with equitable and fair solutions to existing societal challenges, improving the wellbeing of human communities and ecosystems alike.
We work with entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and financial institutions, civil society, and public administrations through the following services, both online and in person: 1. Diagnosis and climate resilience strategy; 2. Assistance with NBS project design and evaluation; and 3. Incubation of NBS and NBE.

Entidad: PYME