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Soraia Ferreira Neves

Cargo: Investigadora Auxiliar
Nombre Entidad: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Paises: Portugal

Soraia Ferreira Neves graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2010 and she got her PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2015, in the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University, with an academia-[textile] industry collaborative thesis. With expertise in heat and mass transfer, and modelling and simulation of transport processes, she has been participating in mobility programs, networking activities abroad, and multidisciplinary projects (European and national), being the Principal Investigator of the scientific project DIF-Jacket project (https://difjacketproject.fe.up.pt/). Soraia has several publications in international journals (Scopus), and she regularly serves as referee of indexed peer-reviewed journals in her area of expertise. She is often engaged on the supervision of students (undergraduated, master, and doctoral) and fellow researchers, in close collaboration with companies and research centers.

Soraia major research interests are modelling the transport phenomena in materials/products and thermal physiology simulation.