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Closed calls

Closed calls

First call for projects - 2023

O texto oficial da primeira convocatória de projetos foi divulgado o dia 25 de janeiro de 2023 e os promotores de projetos puderam apresentar as suas candidaturas no eSudoe2127 de 1 a 31 de março de 2023.

The first call for projects had an ERDF budget of €48.1 million. Estava aberta aos objetivos específicos das prioridades 1, 2 e 3 (exceto a SO 4.1). Na primeira fase, foram recebidas 144 candidaturas. In the first phase, 144 applications were received.

The Monitoring Committee meeting in Bragança, Portugal, on 6 July 2023 authorised 71 projects to proceed to the second phase.

La segunda fase se desarrolló desde el 17 de julio al 11 de octubre de 2023. 69 candidaturas fueron finalmente recibidas a través de eSudoe2127.

The Monitoring Committee of 5 December 2024 selected 34 projects that were finally programmed after the administrative consolidation of their application dossiers.

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The website for each of the 34 approved projects will be available soon on this page.

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key figures of the first call