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Second call for applications

The second call for projects is now open!

The second call for projects is open from February 26, 2024 to May 31, 2024 at 12:00 p.m . (local time in Santander, Spain).

As it happened with the first call, this second call is organized in two competitive phases.

With a budget of €53.7 million, the call for projects is open to all specific objectives of priorities 1, 2 and 3 of the programme.

The distribution of funds by priorities and specific objectives is the following:

I have a project idea, how can I start?

Reading the different program documents will help you to better prepare your proposal.

The official text details the terms and conditions of the call for projects. It presents the content of the call, the admissibility and eligibility criteria, the calendar, the amount of ERDF support available, the method of examining applications and all the conditions to be taken into account for the preparation of the application form. The official text is available in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

This kit contains all the necessary documentation to prepare your proposal in both the first and second phases. It includes the application form, the documents to be submitted by the main beneficiary and the partners, the financial plan model, the collaboration agreement model, etc. All documents in the kit are available in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

The guide to the Interreg Sudoe programme sets out the set of rules that projects must consider when preparing a proposal and putting it into practice. Composed of several thematic sheets, it contains all the answers to the questions that you may have. The guide is available in Spanish, French and Portuguese. Within the framework of the projects´assembly, the sheet 4 details all the points to be considered so that the application meets the expectations of the programme.

The cooperation programme outlines the framework for cooperation within the Sudoe space for the period 2021-2027. It presents the logic of intervention and the strategic objectives to which projects should contribute. Its reading is essential to identify well what is expected in terms of the type of project and expected results in order to be able to verify that the project idea and the planned activities respond well to the established guidelines. The cooperation programme is available in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

In addition to the opening and closing dates of the call for projects and the seminar in SAntander, other dates for the development of the call for projects are provisionally presented.

Applications must be submitted exclusively through eSudoe2127, the IT platform of the Interreg VI-B Sudoe programme.

If you are not yet familiar with eSudoe2127, you can find all the information about it in the “eSudoe2127” section.

CoopSudoe is the virtual community thought for all the people and entities interested in cooperation within the Sudoe space.

Whether you are looking for new partners from your country or from other Sudoe member states, or if you intend to be part of an already created consortium, or even if you have a project idea but are looking for entities to explore cooperation ideas, you can register with CoopSudoe and start interacting with the rest of the users you are interested in


The Interreg Sudoe programme authorities organise a series of online and face-to-face events to assist project promoters in the preparation of their projects.

March 6, 2024

Online webinar with simultaneous translation in Spanish, French and Portuguese

The programme and the presentations used in the webinar are available here.

This webinar will introduce the expected project promoters in each specific objective opened in the call for projects and the general eligibility issues of the entities.

The program and presentations made during the webinar will be available soon.

This seminar will be held only in person and will take place in Santander (Spain), on April 17 and 18, 2024. It is open to all entities interested in submitting a proposal. It will begin on April 17 in the afternoon with a networking session focused on a pitching of project ideas. The morning of 18 April will be devoted to a series of sessions led by the Joint Secretariat and National Authorities.

The registration form will be available in March, as well as the rest of the details on how to submit a project idea within the framework of the networking session.

Starting the week of April 22, 2024, different meetings will be scheduled between project promoters, national authorities and the Joint Secretariat. These sessions organised by member states will allow participants to share their various questions about what is expected from the programme, its specific points of the call for projects, the creation of the value chain in the consortium, etc. The schedule of the sessions will be announced in April.

Do you have an advanced project idea but don’t know how to move forward? Project managers from the Joint Secretariat will answer your questions during a half-hour online meeting.

To do this, you must first fill out this form with your project idea and indicate the issues you would like to discuss with the Joint Secretariat.

Once the form is received, we will schedule a session to maintain that exchange.

You have until May 17th to schedule a “virtual coffee” with the Sudoe Joint Secretariat.