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Idioma proyecto 27: Español

Pilot Actions

Two pilot actions will be developed and will contribute to the output indicator RCO84. The pilot actions are characterised by their cross-border and cooperative nature between the beneficiaries and the associated partners of the project and aim to implement the results of the study and scientific analysis activities of WG1 and WG2. The first pilot action aims to study the transferability of bio-products validated in the previous activities through the industrial incorporation and marketing of stabilised functional ingredients developed from agroforestry residual biomass. A value chain will be developed between the partners INGREDALIA, TAGUS Valey and ARGAL that will be based on the results of the GT1 and that will result in the testing and possible commercialisation of new sausages with biofunctional ingredients. The second pilot action seeks to replicate a transnational biorefinery process in the agroforestry sector that can be transferred to other entities in the cooperation space. The value chain will consist of the associated partners Alliance Forêts-Bois, Sogibois, FBS, TMAD and ENCE, who will provide the raw materials and partners INPT, INRAE, UVIGO, UMINHO, CETIM and BLC3 Evolution, who will take on the transformation and conversion. The efficiency and feasibility of this process will be analysed in order to study its possible continuity and replicability after the completion of the project. The achievements and results of these actions will in turn feed transnational strategies and provide consortium partners with very useful practical experience to ensure the transfer of validated by-products and processes.

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Global Demonstrator

Demonstrator of different technologies developed in this GT, applied to a specific case of remanufacturing or support for it, with a particular type of product. This demonstrator will have at least one robot, with access to a workspace, and a sensor system according to the specifications obtained from the activities of this GT. As input to the demonstrator, the damage or defect detection system developed in GT1 will be included.

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Catalogue of pilot actions for forest conservation and resilience

The objective of this catalogue is to present in a synthetic and operational way the pilot actions that are currently experiencing new solutions to conserve forest resources, preserve and strengthen the resilience of forests. Pilot actions to be carried out in the territories (15 pilot sites are already planned) will include three types of solutions: 1/Planting new species and provenances to test their resistance in forests in the long term. This should help environments better cope with different threats. 2/Adoption of specific forestry actions to promote the adaptation and resilience of forests and the maintenance of associated ecosystem services. The aim is to improve, preserve or restore forest cover, for example by enriching the masses, which favors the mixing of species. 3/Implementing actions for the conservation of the forest genetic heritage. These actions aim to respond to important local challenges. The wide variety of forest situations (main objective of the masses, composition in species, age of the masses, etc.) and of the pedocclimatic conditions found must allow a good representativeness of the forest contexts of southwest Europe. The techniques used, the resources mobilised and the results of the pilot actions will be exploited and transferred 1) within the partnership, 2) to other local, regional and national institutions and actors and 3) to other territories of the EU through the European networks of partners and partners to facilitate their ownership. This catalogue will be integrated into the metadata base (ACT2.1) and will illustrate some of the operational recommendations of the Transnational Strategy (achievement of WG1).

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Research in advanced technologies and its application in the SUDOE space to a topic of economic and social relevance such as thermalism, helping from innovation centers to the most depopulated

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While manufacturing companies place innovation as a top priority to address the environmental crisis, most lack solutions tailored to current and future challenges to be implemented at their facilities. In

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In Spain, only 49.2 % of patients receive them of the total number of people in need of palliative care (PC). In France, 85 % of people would like to die at

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Hitts faces the following challenges common to the SUDOE space: depopulation, ageing and the leakage of high value-added human resources; Lack of value for heritage, including artistic and cultural heritage,

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The mountain sectors of southwestern Europe are experiencing a critical situation of depopulation and ageing, which makes it essential to revitalise their social and productive structure. This project faces this

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AgroTour SUDOE

The primary sector in the rural areas of the Sudoe area, in addition to bringing together a very important part of its fabric, represents a key activity from the point

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