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Design, development and validation of a Transference Brokers network for direct technology transfer between R&D university groups and companies in the SUDOE territory

Axis 1: Research and innovation
Strengthening the synergic and networking operation of R+i at a transnational level in the specific Sudoe sectors as from smart specialisation
STATE: Terminado
CODE: SOE1/P1/E0136
Verónica Sedano de la Fuente


SECTORS: Agribusiness and timber, Automotive industry, Information technology and telecommunications (including electronics and computers)
1 July, 2016
30 June, 2019
RESULTS: 0000-00-00
Universidad de Burgos. OTRI-OTC. (ES)

2. Universidad de Málaga. Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de Investigación. ES
3. Universidade de Aveiro. UATEC - Unidade de Transferência de Tecnologia da Universidade de Aveiro. PT
4. Universidade de Trás-os-montes e Alto Douro. PT
5. Fundación Centro Tecnolóxico de Eficiencia e Sostenabilidade Enerxética. ES
6. Federación Empresarial de Agroalimentación de la Comunidad Valenciana. Departamento de Internacionalización. ES
7. Asociación Cluster de Automoción de Aragón. ES
8. Mecanic Vallée. FR
9. Fundació Knowledge Innovation Market Barcelona. ES

TuRBO-SUDOE aims to close the gap that currently exists between the world of research and the corporate world, adapting R+D to the needs of three strategic sectors of south-west Europe: agro-food, vehicles, and energy. The process proposed by the project consists of the preparing of ten Transference Brokers (TB), global experts on training and technology transfer. They will act as intermediaries between the research and corporate worlds and will create ten road maps to guarantee the adaptation of R+D to the needs of the companies in each sector.

TURBO SUDOE promotes the transfer of knowledge in the field of R + D as well as the realization of activities of this type in the productive fabric. For this, the project was based on the mobilization of SMEs since they have more difficulties to achieve the objectives of R + D and represent more than 95% of the productive fabric of the SUDOE’s area. The good development of the project was based on the new figure of the Transference Broker as a specialized agent for the transfer of technology and knowledge. Several pilot projects were developed in 3 priority sectors of the SUDOE’s area, in accordance with the intelligence strategies of the participating regions, namely agri-food, energy and ICT and automotive.

The results of the project include:

  • The strategic and functional design of a network of transference brokers and operating environment. This network focuses on the management of industrial property, advice for the valuation of intangibles and protection of technology, the provision of marketing services related to innovation, advices on the formalization of contracts related to industrial property, experts advice for the financing of projects under state and / or European calls or support for the creation of spin-off initiatives.
  • The training of 10 transfer brokers and their interaction with 20 operating environments.
  • Demonstration in work environments.
  • The creation of a Technology Transfer Alliance (KTP) based on the transference brokers.
  • A support portal for the transfer of technology for the contact of companies with technological needs and offering centers.
  • A guide for external use of the technology transfer model (available on the project website).

TURBO SUDOE registered 322 technological demands. All the conclusions of the project are collected in a document published online as well as through teaching materials. From now on, the TURBO SUDOE model will continue to be exploited in operational structures of institutions dedicated to research activities, focusing on the agribusiness sector and the timber industry.