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Región proyecto 27: Aragón


In Spain, only 49.2 % of patients receive them of the total number of people in need of palliative care (PC). In France, 85 % of people would like to die at

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AgroTour SUDOE

The primary sector in the rural areas of the Sudoe area, in addition to bringing together a very important part of its fabric, represents a key activity from the point

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Ultreia_Sudoe’s challenge is to boost indoor tourism, activate rural areas by enhancing natural and cultural resources, especially agri-food traditions and craftsmanship, linked to the Caminos to Santiago (CaS). The objective

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The SUDOE has extensive and varied forest areas that provide numerous services (wood production, soil stabilisation, CO2 storage, water quality, rich biodiversity…). The forest and the services it provides are

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The European purpose of achieving a climate-neutral economy by 2050 has revived the interest in renewable hydrogen, which is currently postulated as the main player in achieving the goal of

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Much of the industrial fabric in the SUDOE space belongs to traditionally manufacturing sectors characterised by small and medium-sized companies that have a low technological level in their production processes,

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The main objective of Newpower is to solve the problems associated with the high generation of agricultural and forest waste, which accumulate more and more due to the abandonment of

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