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Registering on CoopSudoe

Registering on CoopSudoe

If you are an individual interested in joining the CoopSudoe community, or if you represent an organization or institution, you can register for one of the profiles on the platform.

Discover the advantages of the different options within the CoopSudoe community!

What is the member user profile?

With a member user profile, you will be able to interact with other members and entities of the community, discover project ideas, and be part of various thematic groups.

With the CoopSudoe organization profile, you can also take advantage of all the functionalities of the tool and interact on behalf of your organization, institution, company, etc., on various topics related to the Sudoe region.

If you have a project idea and want to share it to attract partners from different parts of the Sudoe region, you can create a project idea profile and become part of the Sudoe community.

If you already have a project idea but lack partners to form your consortium, you can register in this option and find the perfect partner for your idea within the Sudoe territory.

Do you believe your expertise could be useful for a project idea? You can then register as a member user or as an organization to discover project ideas and see where your expertise can fit to enhance a Sudoe candidacy.

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