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Ivânia Marques

Cargo: Insvestigaddora
Nombre Entidad: Instituto Pedro Nunes
Paises: Portugal
Idiomas: Português

Ecodesign and Measuring of systems sustainability
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a powerful method that allows to quantify, in an objective and verifiable way, the environmental impact of any product/service from raw materials production up to end of life. Different environmental impact indicators can be assessed: human and ecosystems health, climate change and resource depletion.
The results can be analysed with focus in (for instance) a) one specific life cycle phase (production, use, end of life); b) entire life cycle (cradle to grave) or c) end of life scenarios, etc. This way, the different life cycle phases can be compared, hot spots can be identified, and circular strategies can be assessed. Improvements in product systems (reduction of raw materials use, energy savings, minimization of pollution and waste) as well as alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can be evaluated and proved.
Eco-Design (ISO 14006), Life Cycle Assessment (14040 and 14044), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), CO2 footprint (ISO 14067).