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Sónia Pedro

Cargo: Coordination
Autor: Sofia Knapic
Nombre Entidad: SerQ - Centro de Inovação e Competências da Floresta

The Project will allow the valorization and dissemination of hardwood species in the SUDOE space through the application of active forest management with a direct impact on the entire value chain, aiming to reinforce social cohesion and territorial and demographic balance. It will also reduce the risk of fires, pests and diseases, contributing to the mitigation of climate change and the preservation of natural capital.

Among the main achievements are territorial diagnosis, mapping of uses and products; the creation of a Focus Group to promote the topics covered with stakeholders; the organization of specific territorial Workshops and the organization of a final technical dissemination workshop.

The Project will ensure the mapping of the sector associated with hardwoods in the SUDOE space (from the forest to sawmills and products), the economic valorization of woody resources through the qualification of products associated with construction as well as the promotion and implementation of architectural solutions with hardwoods throughout the SUDOE space. Furthermore, the resilience of this entire territory in the face of climate change and its consequences through the application and dissemination of forestry practices. These are essential problems spread throughout the SUDOE territory, and whose solutions derive from transnational cooperation.