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Región proyecto 27: País Vasco


The SUDOE is a demographically aged territory that in its interior rural areas presents a situation of increasing depopulation leading to their disappearance. Examples of these territories with low population

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Europe is moving towards an ageing society, with the SUDOE territory, and specifically rural environments, with the highest percentage of elderly and depopulation. Ageing leads to the emergence of fragility

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In Spain, only 49.2 % of patients receive them of the total number of people in need of palliative care (PC). In France, 85 % of people would like to die at

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Hitts faces the following challenges common to the SUDOE space: depopulation, ageing and the leakage of high value-added human resources; Lack of value for heritage, including artistic and cultural heritage,

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The SUDOE has extensive and varied forest areas that provide numerous services (wood production, soil stabilisation, CO2 storage, water quality, rich biodiversity…). The forest and the services it provides are

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RESINSURF responds to the need to apply alternative surface technologies through research and generation of a homogeneous strategy of action against a common problem in the SUDOE territory. It aims

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In the last decade (2012-2022), Sudoe countries have suffered a high number of fires, with an annual average of 222 in Spain, 213 in Portugal and 105 France, being among

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An-Gel Sudoe

Although intuitively the process of climate change and global warming is associated with droughts, heat waves or forest fires, it also causes very negative effects on agriculture, by altering the

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