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Who are the program authorities?

The Interreg Sudoe programme is managed by a number of authorities whose roles and functions are defined by the regulations.

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Monitoring Committee

It is made up of representatives from the 4 Member States. It steers the programme, checks that it is being properly implemented and approves projects for funding.

Consult your internal regulations, the list of your members, and the summaries of your decisions.

Managing Authority

The Managing Authority is responsible for the implementation and management of the programme. The Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Government of Cantabria is the managing authority of the programme.

The Joint Secretariat

It assists the Managing Authority and the Monitoring Committee in the implementation of the programme and projects. It is the program’s single point of contact for all stakeholders. It is based in Santander, Spain.

National Authorities

They are the point of contact for potential beneficiaries and beneficiaries at national level in each Member State. They are involved in the dissemination of the programme and the results of the projects at the national level, as well as in the support of the beneficiaries during the administrative and financial implementation of the projects. Check the pages of each national authority to access their contact details and learn more about their activities.

The Audit Authority

Independently of other program authorities, it conducts audits of the program’s management and control system, as well as project audits.

It provides the European Commission with independent assurance on the effective functioning of the programme.

The General Comptroller of the Spanish State Administration (IGAE), based in Madrid, is the audit authority for the Sudoe programme. To carry out its functions, it uses a panel of independent auditors composed of a representative from each Member State. 

Accounting Authority

It certifies expenditure declarations and submits payment requests to the European Commission. It receives payments from the the FEDER and EC and guarantees reimbursement to project partners. It is also responsible for the preparation of the annual accounts. The Sub-Directorate General for Certification and Payments of the Directorate General for European Funds of the Ministry of Finance is the Accounting Authority for the programme.