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Projects communication

Projects approved by the Interreg Sudoe Programme are obliged to carry out communication actions to extend their impact. In addition, they must inform about their funding source.

The project reporting requirements are explained in detail in the factsheet 13 of Sudoe programme manual for project development and management (updated 07/07/2017).

Among these obligations, visual communication is an important aspect since the display standards of the European flag and the logo of the Interreg Sudoe Programme must be strictly respected.

The necessary graphics can be downloaded below. The elements are available in either jpg, pdf editable or in vector format.

If one of the graphic elements is not available in the desired format, contact the Joint Secretariat.


  • The logo of the Interreg Sudoe Programme

You can download here the Interreg Sudoe Programme logo file. It is available in two versions: one with the mention ERDF and the other without this reference.


with the mention ERDF without the mention ERDF

  • The project logo

Approved projects can design their logo in two ways.

 Option 1 : the project logo is based on the Interreg Sudoe Programme logo. This option is recommended by the Joint Secretariat.

Option 2 : the project creates its own logo. The logo of the project should always be juxtaposed with that of the Interreg Sudoe Programme.

 Option 1 Option 2 

You can download here the editable files of the logo regardless of the option chosen. Each version is available with and without the mention ERDF. This file also contains the files of the character Montserrat Regular font (Open Source font) to be used to adapt the logo. This policy can also be downloaded from this Website.

The logo usage rules can be found in the factsheet 14 of Sudoe programme manual for project development and management. (updated 07/07/2017)


Each project beneficiary shall include in a location readily visible to the public a poster with the project information (Regulation (EU) nº1303 / 2013). Two poster designs are proposed by the Interreg Sudoe Programme. Beneficiaries can use one of these models or develop a poster of their choice. The standards to be followed in the design and distribution of this poster can be found in factsheet 13 of Sudoe programme manual for project development and management. (updated 07/07/2017)

You can download below the editable graphics file of the A3 poster model that can be adapted to each project and in all languages.



 European Flag

The design standards of the European Union Flag are available in Annex II to Implementing Regulation (EU) nº821 / 2014 to the following address. The original files of the European emblem can be downloaded here


Icons thematic objectives

The Interreg Sudoe Programme intervenes in 5 thematic objectives for which an icon was designed with the Interreg logo. These icons are used by Interreg Sudoe Programme and it is recommended that projects also use them, as well as, the corresponding colors to write the name of the project. That is in case the logo of the latter would be based on the one from the program. The codes of each color can be found in factsheet 14 of Sudoe programme manual for project development and management. 

You can download here the 5 thematic objectives icons or separately by clicking on the following links:

Axis 1: Research and innovation
Axis 2: Competitiveness of SMEs
Axis 3: Low carbon economy
Axis 4: Climate Change and risks
Axis  5: Environment and Resources


Stamp sample used to identify the allocation of expenses to the Sudoe programme

This stamp sample respects the programme rules as defined in factsheet 8.0 of the Sudoe manual